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About Randi Simenhoff

Artist Randi Simenhoff takes inspiration for her paintings from nature, be it fire and water or the human body. Both a painter and photographer, her main studio is in Los Angeles, yet has been deeply influenced through national and international travel. From less privileged living conditions found in countries such Cuba and the Ukraine, to the grit of some American inner cities, she embraces the culture, color and texture, finding beauty in it all. She strives to weave diverse and meaningful content throughout her work.

Trained in watercolor, charcoal, sculpture amongst other mediums, she discovered acrylic paints during the Covid pandemic and never looked back. She enjoys the weight and texture that acrylics provide and the ability to bring this depth to her paintings.

Vacillating between abstract and impressionism, the culmination of her work marries the two styles together into a modern expressionism. Some pieces may be truly modern abstract, but there is always deep meaning behind the merging of colors. Her nudes are sensual, yet fun and often whimsical. When two or more people appear in a single painting, their relationship has implied ties linking them together.

Randi Simenhoff

It is key not to let the title of the piece dictate what you, yourself, see in the image, which is often a dichotomy. Experience, feel, analyze and enjoy knowing her intention in each piece of art is to feel harmony among the elements.

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